Saab Aero X.

The eternal dream car from Sweden. Saab Aero X 2006.

Even after 14 years, it is still a dream car. The Saab Aero X. A sports car that was born in 2006 as a study. A technology carrier that anticipated the restart of Saab. Many of his design elements were found later

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NEVS 9-3 prototype and Aero X.

Last chance: Saab Aero X and NEVS Saab Turbo prototype

There are model cars that are really cool! At the same time, however, they also make you think. What would have been if…? Yes, if NEVS had launched the Saab Turbo prototype, for example? It was as absurd as it seems today

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Saab - the journey 2007

Journey into the future. Saab - The journey 2007!

We continue to digitize old Saab films. Saab Service Frankfurt and Saab Kiel provided old Saab videocassettes for the project. Fans worldwide also support us, and in the next few days, a silent film from the early days

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SAAB Museum: Pictures Review of the opening

Last Saturday was the reopening of the Saab Museum in Trollhättan. Saab friends, who were live on site, report an emotional amosphere. Erik Carlsson made a moving speech, followed by a fanfare solo and started somewhere in the hall

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