Saab Independence Day 2011

1.2 million loss. Per day.

In Sweden, the trial of Victor Muller and former Saab managers, starting in Xnumx in January, casts its shadow over Vänersborg. The final processing of the bankruptcy of Saab Automobile AB has begun. Dagens Nyheter has become the largest bankruptcy case of younger

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SAAB News: Riksgälden handicapped parts sales

It's not really news that comes to us from Sweden. But so that the flood of information remains ... Radio P4 Väst takes up the Saab topic today and writes about the failed sale of Saab Parts AB to an investor. Details can be found in the Vänersborg court files, which can be briefly summarized as follows.

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SAAB News: What NEVS paid for Saab

In Sweden, a part of the younger Saab past is worked up. It is, among other things, the exciting question of what NEVS has paid for Saab. According to Sweden radio PV4 Väst it should have been completely almost 1.7 billion crowns.

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State takes over Saab Parts AB

The Swedish state takes over Saab Parts AB in Nyköping. The Saab Automobile AB former subsidiary responsible for spare parts will be taken over by the state until the end of the summer.

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SAAB News: Good prospects for the “SAAB” brand

There is great ambition behind the work of the Saab administrators. You want to present a ready-made solution for the continuation of the brand and the production in Sweden. Since the trademark rights are not with the Saab Automobile AB, but with Scania and the Saab

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SAAB News: Saab is worth 3,6 billion crowns

Update 10: 51 The responsible district court for Saab Automobile is in the neighboring municipality Vänersborg. There were delivered today to 9.30 two large boxes. The content is the listing of Saab liabilities and enterprise value. The value of Saab Automobile AB and

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SAAB News: Decisions in Sweden

It is time again for the business section. It would be nice to write about cars, maybe even about new Saab. But that's not it, so again our look at Sweden in terms of economics. The court in Vänersborg will

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We have experienced a kind of shock-rigidity here and in various other forums and sources of information the last months after the stop of the production. Very often there was only negative news. The weeks of the Saab dealer tour in Germany last October and November

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The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror

The current situation. Saab has no alternative for Trollhättan.

When Paul Akerlund, mayor of Trollhättan commune, talks about the current situation, he likes to say big words. There is talk of national effort, and he likes to refer to the now 100 companies operating under the umbrella of innovation

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SAAB News: Mandatory bids for Saab after Easter

Update: 10: 50 The press conference of the Saab administrators is finished, the next will follow only in 14 days. The final inventory and asset listing of Saab Automobile AB is almost done and will be released on Tuesday after Easter.

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SAAB News: Saab Economic Headlines in Sweden

Saab has once again appeared in the economic parts of the Swedish press. It's not about current developments, it's about the shadows of the past. The old conflict between Victor Muller and Guy Lofalk smolders on and gets a new, criminal

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SAAB News: The look behind the scenes

Saab Automobile AB filed for bankruptcy almost three months ago. Much has happened in the meantime. Time for a quick look behind the Swedish scenes. How dramatic the situation really was in December 2011 can only be guessed at

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