Koenigsegg Agera RS. Picture: Koenigsegg

A Saab book and what is Koenigsegg planning?

No sooner had the entry of Evergrande and the participation in Koenigsegg been announced, when in Trollhättan the previously hectic activity on the social media dried up. Since then, peace prevails in the usual tradition. The only noteworthy event of the last days seems the

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Saab history from 1968 to 1998. Saab 99,90 & 900

Saab literature is rare and every new release something of a small sensation. The Motorbuchverlag has shown courage and, together with the author Martin Gollnick, brought a book on the small series from Trollhättan onto the market. 30 years Saab - 

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Saab book from Sweden. Image: Egmont Verlag

Briefly noted. New Saab book. Meeting at the edge of the Alps.

There is a real big thing to buy in Sweden. A new Saab book is now on the market that tells the complete story of the brand from 1947 to 2011. The journalist Peter Haventon was allowed to archive the Swedish Auto Motor Sport

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Knuth - A car biography

Saab literature and Saab dates

Last weekend, a padded envelope landed on my desk. Saab stamp on it, sender Detlef Zielke. Letters and packages with Saab senders are always Christmas and Easter in one day. Especially if they come as a surprise and you have no idea

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Saab 96 & V4

Focus on rally history. Rally Giants - Saab 96 and V4

A book focusing on the Saab 96 rally history. In the 1960s, the front-wheel drive Saab 96 made the brand a true icon of rallying. With success at major events such as the Rallye Monte Carlo and the RAC Rallye

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