Our calendar picture for the month of March. Everything Swedish, but not all Saab.

SAAB dates March 2019

Tom is back tomorrow and takes on an exciting topic. But before that, our planner for the month of March. In addition to the many regulars' tables, our brand will show its flag at the Retro Classics in Stuttgart in March. A reservation in the personal

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2017er Saab calendar

New Saab calendar 2017

How do we know that a year is slowly coming to an end? Sure, it's the new Saab calendar 2017 approaching! And also this year comes Saabischer wall decoration from several suppliers. Still in print are the 2017er Saab calendars from

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Saab calendar 2015

An amazing story. There are more Saab calendars for 2015 than ever, a very positive trend. There are calendars for every target group and every taste, some copies found their way onto my desk and are presented here. And of course it is

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SAAB Weekend: Press and a new Saab in the community

Of course, Saab has disappeared from the engine press, which only deals with new cars. But the Swedish brand is celebrating its presence in the young and vintage press. Recent Saab examples from the month of November. The vintage car market, in the newsroom, is a Saab 96 in rally version available

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Saab calendar sheets and wallpapers for Saab fans

The supply of Saab calendar pages is currently being phased out. Apparently our Swedes in Trollhättan ran out of ideas after the calendar pages and wallpapers of the last few months did not please some readers.

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