SAAB Tag: Now it depends on the suppliers

Rebirth of the Saab 9-3

In Sweden, the press is now writing about the possible comeback of the Saab 9-3. She does this surprisingly positive. Dagens industry, not particularly known as Saab-friendly, calls the 9-3 the Nine-Life Car, which is now scheduled for its tenth life.

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SAAB Talk: Everything - except ordinary

SAAB Talk: Everything - except ordinary. Saab is cult. But can stickers be cult? Since the start of the Saab autumn campaign, countless emails have reached the blog team. Everyone wants the stickers from the Saab confession campaign.

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SAAB - More than a car!

SAAB - More than a car! The stickers of the Saab confessing campaign, "SAAB more than car .." have reached the partners. We also got stickers for our Swedes at the weekend.

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