Saab cup with flag and Saab lettering

Perfect customer orientation - an example from the Saab world

There are days that tend to start with small dramas. The Saab cup, of all things, the favorite piece, falls on the floor. It breaks, the mood goes into the basement, the broken pieces in the garbage. Something like that always happens and

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Saab readers cups 2015

Saab reader cups on the way!

The Saab community is international - the first exclusive Saab reader cups are on the way to their new owners all over Europe. Cups go to Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and of course to Germany.

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Saab mug 2015 - Saab mug for readers

Whether deliberately or by accident: 1947 already had the first Saab side impact protection. The word was not invented yet, as the Ursaab already provided 25 cm extra survival zone. The choice of our readers was clear, the victory at no time endangered.

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SAAB Weekend: Saab Creative and 9000er Rescue

Time again a good deed, right? I was on a clear mission with friend Max on Friday. It was about a Saab 9000, 280.000 kilometers on the clock. One of these specimens that are particularly at risk of export. No Aero, no Anniversary, but a nice beige leather interior and a correct, black exterior color.

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