Saab dates April 2020. Oh, how about a convertible for the summer?

SAAB dates April 2020

April 2020! Before the readers delve into scheduling a quick question. Which Saab would you like to start the bright, warm season with? Wonderful cabriolets were built in Trollhättan. The best way to drive open because of style

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SAAB dates November 2019

The November. He is cold, gray, not exactly one of the best months. Still fancy Saab? Enjoy meeting nice people and talking about the favorite brand from Trollhättan? We have the dates for the November 2019. For each

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Saab dates September 2019. Our motive is an 2006er Saab 9-7X

SAAB dates September 2019

The beauty of things is sometimes due to the details. Like our September picture, which clearly shows the headlight of a Saab against a Swedish backdrop. Does it really do that? The vehicle pictured is an 9-7X, and thus again controversial,

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It is May. What's better than having a Saab open?

SAAB Dates May 2019

What's up at Saab in May? The 4. Saab meeting at the large gas station Brandshof is on the plan. And at the end of the month, the 5 calls. Saab Saturday to Osnabrück. Boredom in your spare time? It will do with the brand

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Saab campaign for the environment. Image: Saab Automobile / Archive

SAAB dates December 2018

The latest Saab calendar for the current year goes online today. The cold days of the year are ahead, and that reminds me of a Saab campaign for the environment. Instead of keeping the Saab warm in the morning, and

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Saab 92 on the way. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive

SAAB dates October 2018

In October, at the end of the season, the Saab Session Slovakia will take place. The registration is still up to the 15. September possible. A great Saab event for all fans of the brand. In Germany there are also regulars' meetings and meetings with like-minded people.

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SAAB dates August 2018

Meanwhile, it has become a tradition that we show with the publication of the diary Saab press photos. This time I got the 9-2x from our archive. Almost forgotten, and at heart more a Subaru than a Saab. Nevertheless one

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Summer! Saab 900 Cabriolet on the way to the south. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive

SAAB dates July 2018

Summer, sun, travel time. In July, the Saab dates are a little less. However, the Stammtisch keep the flag high during the holiday months. Anyone looking for talks with like-minded people will find it in the Saab community in July.

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Saab 9 3 Aero 2001. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive

SAAB dates January 2018

There will also be our Saab diary this year. We gladly publish invitations to family tables, club meetings and exits. In the coming months, the shape of the calendar will change. He will become more contemporary and flexible. But the content becomes natural

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Paul, our project Saab, on the way.

SAAB dates August 2017

The biggest Saab event in August will be the IntSaab 2017 in Dinslaken. Several 100 Saab classics, classic cars and current vehicles from many countries come together. In addition, there are of course smaller meetings and Stammtisch.

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Saab 9x Air Concept. Image: Saab Automobile AB

SAAB dates June 2017

The blog team is in a state of emergency and is working to pack packages with guaranteed saabigem content and to send. While our Fan Shop lives through its last days, and Tom hardly comes to write, I take the chance for our

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Saab 9-3 SC Picture: Saab Automobile AB

SAAB dates March 2017

March is the first month for cars with season marks. Some Saabs come back on the road, the days are getting noticeably longer, everything is getting better. Not many meetings are yet to take place, the months of April and May are more

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Saab Ice Experience. Image: Saab Automobile AB

SAAB dates January 2017

  The cold, darkness and snow will not keep us from our Saab enthusiasm in January. A Saab is a Nordic car and it is clear who invented the seat heating and the headlight washer. Even more winter fun than in one

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View into our Saab hall. Everything Saab. Guaranteed.

Saab dates November 2016

In November, many classics and youngtimers are already in halls and garages. It is the “screwdriver time” where things are done that have been postponed over the year. This is not the case for all Saabs, the Saab 9000 blog, known as that

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Impressions Troll Rally 2016

Saab dates September 2016

Here comes the Saab diary for the month of September. As always, the organizer is constantly updated, additional Saab appointments can be added. It pays to regularly check our 3 monthly preview on the blog!

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