Saab 9000 vs. Saab 9-5

The better Saab design? 9-5 Aero vs. Saab 9000

How do you define Saab design? Difficult question. In Sweden, Saab stood for the semi-station wagon for a long time with the 99, 900 and 9000. The hatchback that looked like a cheap Japanese car in some markets. You wanted to go with it

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Saab Griffin design

Fancy Saab. The final Saab design evolution.

Months later, the decision is confirmed to be correct for some things and wrong for others. Design has half-lives, and good design is very durable. Saab has a reputation for always delivering timeless elegance.

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Saab 9000 successor. Design Bjoern Envall

Never built: Saab 9000 successor

On the 28. 04. 1998 ran in Trollhättan the last Saab 9000 for Germany off the line. An 150 PS Softturbo CSE, Scarab Green, manual transmission. Whole 29 chassis numbers later was also the end for the rest of the world. The last Saab 9000

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Saab Spacecoupe 1999 Bjoern Envall

Never built. Saab Spacecoupe

The year 1999. The Saab 9-5 was still fresh, the 9000 had made its final laps. There was no direct successor. From now on, the 9-3 I was the last hatchback from Trollhättan - and it should stay that way.

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Who am I?

No, we are not starting a new picture puzzle now. Even if you could think so. At the end of the day it's all about our favorite brand, and it's about the Saab 9-5 NG. However, this is not a Saab in the picture, not guaranteed. No

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SAAB Weekend: Design (s) Competition

Of course it was no coincidence that on Friday the pictures of the 9-3 successor appeared in the Swedish press. Saabsunited planned a big story, which was taken with the element of surprise and which will be released later. At the same time Castriota wants to take care of herself

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Two designer pieces

Reader's contribution by Gerd When I had my boat on land at the end of October and stood in front of it, the urge came over me to draw a comparison. That's how the photo with the 9000 in front of the 414 was created. Both designs come about

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Saab News China: BAIC-Saab C70 production starts in November

The time has come. The tapes are still in place in Trollhättan. The old Saab 9-5 is getting its rebirth in the Middle Kingdom, but whether it is happy with its reincarnation, I dare to doubt. In China, BAIC starts in the next

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Saab News Monday: Saab Nespresso, Victor Muller, Saab production

After a too long and much too warm day on German highways, unfortunately not in the Saab but in a product from the Stuttgart area, we could say that it is quiet around Saab. That's good, because there are no messages

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