Saab exit Rhön 2020

The Rhön is calling - invitation to the 2nd Saab exit Rhön

The Rhön is calling! Invitation to the 2nd Saab exit Rhön on Saturday, September 12, 2020. Dear Saab friends, This year everything will be different. But with a little luck, that is, if there is no new lockdown, we will be on Saturday,

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With wonderful cars from Trollhättan

Looking back at the 1st Saab exit Rhön 2019

After the decision was made to organize an exit yourself, it was time to organize everything: choose the route, create a roadmap, find a location for the destination and, above all, a suitable starting place, the one

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Invitation to the 1. Saab exit Rhön on 03.Oktober 2019

The Rhön is calling! Dear Saab friends (the female part is always included with the "friends"!), After Niels, Jonathan & Co. recently organized the great trip through the Taunus and in fact relatively few trips in the middle of Germany

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So now from my side to all readers and SAAB drivers a successful and above all healthy 2015. My first article comes very late, but the desk was so full after the days off around Christmas and the New Year,

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Saab exit Upper Bavaria

The season for classic and classic cars has gone largely, many Saabs overwinter protected in garages until next spring. For a seasonal finish, in mild sunny autumn weather, met on Sunday, the 12. October fans of the Swedish brand in the region

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Saab exit - Saab meets jazz

Wolfgang's contribution It was an unusual occasion for 12 SAAB riders from the north to make their way from Hamburg to Celle. Once a year, the Celler Street Parade takes place there.

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