Saab Festival 2015: The Grand Finale

I guess you have to choose one of the festival days, it has to be the final day. Well over a 1,000 SAAB's from all around the world in the car exhibition, the flea market,

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Saabfestival 2015: Racing on Kinnekulle ring

Grim looks. Helmets. Roaring turbo's. The pungent smell of burnt rubber and sweat combined. The second day of the Saabfestival 2015 offered all this and more. Hundreds of SAAB's were present at the Kinnekulle Ring for a full day

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Saab Festival 2015: Original Parts!

Besides offering the sightseeing of SAABs, the seminars, museum visits and networking, the Saab Festival has always been well-known for special deals on parts for our beloved cars. And this year was not any different! Orio (in the festival program still referred to

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Saab Festival 2015: a brilliant first SAAB day

The first day of the Saabfestival 2015 was jam-packed with truly exciting things. Kiel, followed by the insightful presentation by NEVS president Mattias Bergman. But there is much more to experience,

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NEVS: Continuing the journey to make a difference

The first day of the Saab Festival 2015 was marked with many compelling events on the agenda. Probably one of the most anticipated elements of the presentation by NEVS President Mattias Bergman. Details about the vision for the future,

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Saab Festival 2015: the pre-tour arrives!

Held only once every two years, the Saab festival in Trollhättan is probably the largest SAAB gathering in the world. While they were coming from Sweden, it was very interesting

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NEVS welcomes Saab festival attendees- program details

NEVS promised excitement just a few days ago and now the 5th of June are out details for the program for Friday. Several activities will be available between 10: 00 and 16: 00, including:

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NEVS promises excitement at the Saabfestival

Less than a week until the Saab Festival 2015 kicks off, probably the biggest SAAB gathering in the world. Many exciting program details have been posted on Saabvägen 5.

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So now from my side to all readers and SAAB driver (s) n a successful and, above all, healthy year 2015. My first article comes very late, but the desk was so full after the days off at Christmas and the New Year,

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