Saab Inside No. 11 is here!

Saab Inside No. 11 is here!

Last week the printed edition of Saab Inside No. 11 was dispatched. The workshops and service centers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria should now be supplied. And for Saab drivers there is an additional reason, the next

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Saab Inside Number 11 is coming!

The new Saab Inside is coming!

Not for long, then the 11. Issue of Saab Inside appear. The best news comes in advance, because there will be a large print run in addition to the online edition. The magazine is exciting, more Saab than ever, because Orio has

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Saab Inside Number 10 is here!

A small anniversary: ​​The 10. Issue of the Saab customer magazine of Orio Deutschland GmbH is here! Members of the Saab Service Club were already able to enjoy the digital edition last Friday.

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Special edition with gigantic edition

For all: Saab Inside as a print version

On Friday, the members of the Saab Service Club received the online version of the special issue of Saab Inside. The best reviews from previous 8 issues summarized in a single issue. This has never happened before, and we also celebrate one more

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Production in Trollhättan

Briefly noted. Saab Inside and Saab staging.

The new Saab Inside is here! And it's about looking back at a Saab staging that took place in the old factory in Trollhättan. What do both have to do with each other? Nothing, and maybe everything.

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Saab Inside and Saab Caps

Saab magazines, caps and something to win.

There are some short messages from the Saab world. Let's start with Trollhättan! Two Saab Jas 39 Gripen visited the place where it all started at short notice. They landed on the Trollhättan - Vänersborg airfield, directly

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Saab meeting Aschaffenburg. Very spontaneous.

Weekly Review. Saab Inside. New building. Spontaneity.

Members of the Saab Service Club had a reason to be happy this week. Issue number 6 of the Saab Inside was ready for download. 16 pages with reports and interviews from the Saab world, made possible by the Orio

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Saab Talladega number 3. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Weekly Review. Talladega celebration. Ausgeträumt. Copy deadline.

Today, 30 years ago, on 7. October 1986, Alabama launched the legendary Talladega Long Run of Saab. Of course, this must be appreciated. The Saab Museum in Trollhättan, the capital of all fans, invites you from 11.00 to 16.00 on Saturday

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Saab Inside, The 96, Youngtimer by Motor Klassik

Saab reading

Saab makes itself rare in the media, so I am happy if I can find saabish reading somewhere. Most of the time I buy the magazine because I think journalistic work should be paid for. But things are going badly for him

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Everything troll or what? Saab license plate holder.

Saab license plate holder

It was the troll's fault. A 50-year-old original was given to me during the Saab dealer tour 2011 in the Saab Center Mainz - the initial spark for Saab license plate holders and digitization of the Saab Troll. The one in the original never so dull and pale

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Saab Inside number 4

Saab Inside magazine - number 4

Today the new Saab Inside magazine arrived on the blog by post. Edition number 4 of the Saab Service Club is the most beautiful edition so far, in my opinion. The printed version is not available for purchase - it is a small one

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Saab Inside issue number 4

Saab Inside - number 4

The fourth edition of Saab Inside went online today. The current issue is more Saab than ever and was filled with reading pleasure with the cooperation of readers and Saab friends. Already the cover picture - in Eschborn it was a 4-9

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Saab Inside, Spring 2015

Saabig ... KW 36/15

From Blogger's perspective it was a quiet week. Superficially ... Because she was not free from scandals and the shadows of the past. In Sweden, the judiciary quotes former Saab Automobile AB CEO Jan Åke Jonsson and chief lawyer Kristina Geers in court.

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The Italian moments in life ...

A Gamma Coupe, a Flavia, Fulvia, Appia limousine. Be honest - when was the last time we saw any of these cars on the road? A long time ago, and yet the Italian moments in life lurk where we don't suspect.

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The new Saab Inside is here!

A nice thing if you are a member of the Saab Service Club! Yesterday, the new edition of Saab Inside came by email. The third edition of the customer magazine of Orio Deutschland GmbH brings again a lot of Saab Lesespass.

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