7th international Saab meeting Luxembourg

7th International Saab Autumn Meeting in Luxembourg

The meeting is popular and a fixture on Saab's agenda. Even in times of Corona, the 11th international Saab took place in Luxembourg from September 13th to 7th. Of course, under strict hygiene rules and mostly behind one

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The 2nd Saab exit in the Rhön. Prior notice.

Some optimism is good for all of us. While meetings are canceled without replacement or, at best, relocated to new dates, the Saab exit in the Rhön region is still being planned. After a successful premiere last year, the organizer is

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Invitation to the 1. Saab exit Rhön on 03.Oktober 2019

The Rhön is calling! Dear Saab friends (the female part is always included with the "friends"!), After Niels, Jonathan & Co. had recently organized the great ride through the Taunus and indeed in the middle of Germany relatively few exits

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Taunus tour with Swedish cultural property. Photo: Niels Burock

The young wild and the Feldberg

On the 2. August weekend, the international Saab community gathers at our Dutch neighbors. At least those who have holidays and can set it up to spend only a few days pursuing the most beautiful hobby in the world. For all who have to stay at home, from which

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4. Hamburger Saab meeting

Hamburg shows flag

The SAAB events this year are coming in quick succession. Exactly one week after our meeting in Harz, Tom, Justus and myself are in Hamburg for the meeting. Like every year, the oldtimer gas station calls for already 4.Treffen. For me

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On Saturday starts the 4. Hamburger Saab meeting.

Saab Blogger in Hamburg and Saxony

The weather forecast for this weekend can be described as “mixed”. Which shouldn't be a reason not to venture out of the house. Because Hamburg, Saxony and Thuringia are worthwhile destinations for Saab fans. And the Saab bloggers are in the middle

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3 countries SAAB meet 2018 "All under a DA-CH" from the 07. to 09. September 2018

Although no more SAAB vehicles have been built since 2011 / 2012, there are still vibrant communities of enthusiasts worldwide. For more than a decade, very well attended international SAAB meetings have been held annually throughout Europe - most recently in Germany, Sweden,

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Moravian Saab meeting in Jedovnice

Two different Saab meetings on two days in two countries

With which make of car can you travel to two different meetings in two countries on the following days? With one goes that. Namely with our favorite brand. On 15 September, the Moravian Saab meeting took place north of Brno for the already 13ten time

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The resin calls. Meeting of young Saab drivers in the Harz

The Harz calls ...

Sunday morning, 8: 00 clock. For normal mortal car owners an unusually early time to get up and usually I would also be in bed - and not on the A7 heading south. But with 25 degrees comes again

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Saab 9-5 NG in Merlot Red and Viggen Blue

Saab family reunion in Kiel

Saturday afternoon. Kiel, near the Baltic Sea. Out of town, a pack of sports cars battling Hamburg traffic through the dense traffic. Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, a new Alpine A110 (!), A few Audi R8. On the opposite lane: Saab. A stately

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Pilots wanted 2018. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive: saabblog.net

Pilots wanted 2018. Registration open!

Already to the 3. Sometimes the car dealership Lafrentz, in cooperation with the Saabblog team, invites to the big Saab 9-5 NG meeting in Kiel. Saab 9-4x pilots are also invited this year, making the event even more exciting and exclusive

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Stylishly transported. Saab 9 5 NG and Saab 96.

Briefly noted. Saab & Bremen Classic Motorshow and more ...

Today the Classic Motorshow starts in Bremen - not without the brand from Trollhättan. Because at least one 2 tact Saab has landed in Bremen and holds the flag high. Yesterday, the classic from Trollhättan became stylish with an 9-5

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Saab book from Sweden. Image: Egmont Verlag

Briefly noted. New Saab book. Meeting at the edge of the Alps.

There is a real big thing to buy in Sweden. A new Saab book is now on the market that tells the complete story of the brand from 1947 to 2011. The journalist Peter Haventon was allowed to archive the Swedish Auto Motor Sport

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Saab 9-5

Better late than never! - A Saab Stammtisch in Markgräflerland

Better late than never - this applies to my desire to create a Saab-Stammtisch for the regions of Freiburg - Markgräflerland - Southern Black Forest - Lörrach / Basel, as well as on my person, because I am relatively late to the Saab fanbase

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Saab meeting Hamburg 2016

SAAB Dates May 2017

In May Saab fans are spoiled for choice. Saab meeting at the oldtimer gas station in Hamburg, or the Saab Saturday of the Saab friends Osnabrück? Difficult. There are even more appointments to discover in our calendar, always with us

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