SAAB anti-slip pad. Practical test.

The Saab Spring Weeks have it all. If you choose the spring check, an oil change or the exclusive service package, then you get a Saab anti-slip pad for free at attractive prices. How good that our 9000 Anniversary was a guest in Bamberg. So there was a pad for the inspection. But with the give-aways, it's always such a thing. They must fit the product and they must serve your purpose.

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SAAB News. Spring weeks 2013.

Finally the winter is over! Things are happening in nature and also in Saab. Swedish Distribution Services GmbH in Eschborn, the German subsidiary of Saab Parts AB, launches the Spring Weeks 2013. And we have put together a package that offers a lot of surprises. Do we remember the stickers "Saab - more than a car" - that quickly became a cult?

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SAAB News: Another Saab calendar!

The year has gone, from a business perspective. Now Christmas is just around the corner and family time. It also gets quieter around our cult brand. With the post came a Saab calendar on my desk. Which sounds disrespectful, because actually it is "the Saab calendar". Because he comes from an official source. "Swedish Distribution Services" in Eschborn, the German subsidiary of Saab Parts AB, sends the 2013er calendar to all Saab partners in Germany and Austria.

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SAAB Tag: Now it depends on the suppliers

Rebirth of the Saab 9-3

In Sweden, the press is now writing about the possible comeback of the Saab 9-3. She does this surprisingly positive. Dagens industry, not particularly known as Saab-friendly, calls the 9-3 the Nine-Life Car, which is now scheduled for its tenth life.

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