SAAB classic: Saab 900 with strong appreciation

Classic Data has examined the automotive classics that had the highest value over the last 5 years. In second place of all vehicles is the Saab 900 Cabriolet of the first series. For an open 900 in the 2 state, Classic Data determines

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Just finished our Saab 900 review on a 92 900 S Sport, which will be released here next Sunday. Saab has built very fascinating cars in the past that should not be forgotten. We would like to have more

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Saab News Germany: Oldtimer meeting Emmerich at Pentecost

Nothing about Pentecost yet? RP-Online writes in the current edition about a classic car meeting in Emmerich which takes place under “Saab participation” on Pentecost Sunday. The organizer, Ludger Wemmer, owns several Saab classic cars, some of which are present at the meeting

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