Saab 9-5 Aero 2002 by Matthias

Saab passion. Enough is enough. But when?

Do you know that too? Again, the Broken Witch is on your beloved Saab on the way and the wife says for the umpteenth time, honey, sale but finally the car! And it annoys. Not the woman, no the defect. Is the car but again

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The original Saab goes with (ascending!), So it's clear how it all began.

"It has zoomed in ..."

It must have been 1969 in the fall: The father of my sandbox friend sold his humped volvo and in the yard was a brand new Saab 99 in beige. He was brought by two gentlemen from Frankfurt to the village in Schleswig-Holstein, in which

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Mission Saab passion

Christmas is the time of expectations, wishes and gifts. In the last few days, readers have given Mark, me and themselves a big Christmas present in terms of Saab passion. The blog fundraiser is a success, it exceeds it

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