Saab story of Markus. Car Rental: Saab or Rover?

My Saab story

To be honest, I never had anything to do with the Saab brand. To be even more honest, my only contact with a Saab 900 I in 1994 was actually quite negative, as I thought of the design as

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Saab 9-3 by Marc-Michael

My way to Saab

Saab reader story. At the age of about 7 years, I was allowed to help my neighbor repair his car. In summer 1983 there was nothing more exciting for me! After completing my homework, I ran to his garage and was allowed with sandpaper

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Saab 9-3 over Lake Thun

love at first sight

Another Saab story! Our Saab readers cup, which we ship for the first time after the festival, this time goes to Marco in the Oberlausitz! My Saab, who daily makes my life a little bit better for me or for us (my wife, our son and me),

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How I got to the mark with the Griffin and the 4 letters

A really turbulent Saab story, with many ups and downs, comes from Sebastian. Saab, he writes to us, is part of his life and Saab is “more than a car”.

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