Saab plant in Trollhättan in the 80s

Saab-Scania - A leading Swedish industrial group

A look back at the world as it was in 1987. Saab-Scania presented a new image film. At that time, you saw yourself as a leader in the transport technology segment. Innovative, successful, at the forefront. Interesting. Because, it would be the corporation in this

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A Saab Friction Tester for Berlin Tegel

A Saab Friction Tester for Berlin-Tegel

It's that time again! From the bankruptcy of Schwerin-Parchim Airport, a Saab Friction Tester is offered. A good opportunity to take a look back at the year 1982. One of the two West Berlin civilian airports, the one in Tegel, is said to have a new one

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Around 30 years old. Saab Scania service folders

Weekly Review. Time capsule. Future.

30 years are a long time. Before 3 decades, automobile production in Trollhättan was still a division of Saab Scania. The 9000 celebrated success, the Talladega Long Run was still fresh. In Trollhättan, an employee sent packages to the

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Saab-Scania Image film 1989

Technology group. Saab Scania Image Film 1989!

Maybe it was the good time for Saab. Or maybe not, because the crises of the 80er years forced Saab to sell the car business. At the time, the Saab-Scania Group was broad-based. Aircraft, satellites, buses, trucks and cars construction. Even computers made the Swedes and set up some data center at that time.

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Saab 9000 Cabriolet, the Saab that was never built

The Saab 9000 was the first historic step into the higher price range for the Saab-Scania group. The overused term “premium” did not exist at that time.

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Saab 9000, the fast Swede from the upper class

A look back at the younger Saab past and time for a Saab 9000 buying guide. The last Saab of the Saab-Scania era is the Saab 9000. Developed from 1979 he came 1985 on the market. The first post by Saab for

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