Saab service

Saab service, chain, or free workshop?

Almost exactly 8 years ago, the tapes in Trollhättan stalled. Even before, the factory had been underutilized, and from March 2011 only sporadic vehicles ran off the line. Days, until the production came to a halt. Since

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Saab 9-5 sports car in the capital

My Saab Story - Endless Saab Love

For a couple of months now, I have been reading regularly, it seems to me, one of the few women on this blog. The latest summer stories were also written by Saab's enthusiastic and in part very automotive-savvy men.

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More Saab Service Centers

A positive development, which affects our daily life with Saab, is to be reported for Germany and Austria. In addition to the traditional Saab service centers, a new, additional location type is being introduced.

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SAAB News: The Saab model family in Kiel

If you see the photos, you might think that Saab is in perfect order. The Saab model 2012 11 and 9 is assembled, and there are Saab images with rarity value. Because when you see here in Germany two Saab 4-XNUMXx, two

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SAAB Talk: Everything - except ordinary

SAAB Talk: Everything - except ordinary. Saab is cult. But can stickers be cult? Since the start of the Saab autumn campaign, countless emails have reached the blog team. Everyone wants the stickers from the Saab confession campaign.

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