Our new action: Saab stories 2019!

Saab stories 2019!

We want to revive an old idea and integrate the readers and their love for Saab more closely into the blog. Today we start under the motto "Saab Stories 2019!" our campaign for the current year. The motto is new, and

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Saab story from Hamburg. Saab virus.

I was probably infected in the summer 2003, when I was with my son in search of a beautiful convertible. Junior was on the MX 3 trip and I was just with. This cookie jar is just not for me, because

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Snow? Everything Swede or what?

Saab. The route is the goal.

In the 52 years of my life, everything has always revolved around cars. Even as a little boy, I loved to rock the Citroen DS with my father with us in Vienna for the time, and have the other cars

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Saab Summertime!

It is now a good Saab tradition on the blog - we ask the readers about your Saab story. We are open to everything as long as it has to do with the brand. My first Saab, a Saab restoration that never

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Saab 9-3 I Convertible

30 years. My way to Saab.

My first contact with a SAAB was when I was a moped and moped rocker, around 1981. Opposite it was in the courtyard, a SAAB 99 Turbo, but I only “experienced” the turbo months later. It belonged to Fred, a US Army sergeant, who

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Saab 9-3 2.8T from Peter

If you drive Saab you are simply in the advantage

In addition to the well-known advantages, such as turbo power, quality, comfortable seats and much more, which one has when driving a Saab, often arise unexpectedly situations in which one suddenly comes as Saabfahrer in the enjoyment of benefits.

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