Saab Summertime - Impression

SAAB Summertime

After 13 years, I wanted to return to Provence this summer. Back then - although I had a SAAB 9000i vending machine with vintage 89 - I was still sweating due to the glider brought with the Toyota four-wheel drive of the parents. It was

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Saab 9-3 TID Image: Christoph Schülken

How did I get to SAAB?

My name is Christoph, I am 41 years old and since 2012 enthusiastic Saab driver. Well, how should I start? Volvo, ... ..that was the brand from Sweden, which I found great as a teenager. The quality and safety is simply top,

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Saab 9-5 TID Griffin. Image: Andt Mitwer

Out and about in the Saab 9-5 Vector Griffin

Hello everybody, my name is Arndt, born 1973 in Oldenburg in Lower Saxony and since 2003 living in Solna, Sweden. For many years I have been interested in cars since my move to Sweden and increasingly for the two big Swedish ones

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Saab Welcome Book 2005

Nice Saabige little things

On Friday a “green” package from Orio Germany came to us. With great content, because we received the nice little things that we would like to distribute to our readers as part of our Saab Summertime campaign. Saab literature from recent years, and

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Saab Summertime!

It is now a good Saab tradition on the blog - we ask the readers about your Saab story. We are open to everything as long as it has to do with the brand. My first Saab, a Saab restoration that never

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