SAAB 9000 Rust: Fighting the Brown Pest Part II

Actually, we wanted to free the subsoil of our Saab 9000 only from low rust rates. And actually we wanted our beautiful Sweden

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Saab 9000 for collectors: Saab Friction Tester

Who reads since February, has also followed the story of the Berlin Saab 9000 friction tester. At the beginning of the year wanted

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Saab Youngtimer Germany: Saab 900 Talladega No. 6 is alive!

Every Saab fan knows the Talladega Long Run. Or almost everyone. The younger Saab drivers probably will not be among us. The

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Just finished our Saab 900 review on a 92 900 S Sport, which will be released here next Sunday.

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Saab Youngtimer: Saab 9000 at Autobild Klassik

Saab Youngtimer are more and more an issue. Many mourn the old Saab 9000, which is slowly becoming scarce. Autobild classic

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