The Sango on the test track in Trollhättan

Cool in Trollhättan? The Sango on the test track.

A purely electric, self-driving robot taxi from Trollhättan. Last week, NEVS presented the first self-developed electric car. Lots of space for 6 passengers in the smallest space and somehow cool. Futuristic, exciting. Just like in the metropolitan regions or in

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Sango from NEVS

A robot taxi drives into the future. The Sango project.

The first concept was shown at CES Asia in 2017. NEVS is now presenting the prototype of its Sango project. A self-driving robot taxi according to level 4. It offers a flexible interior with space for up to 6 passengers. All places have

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Trollhättan, old Saab factory April 2018.

Sango comes after the end of D1

Anyone passing the old Saab factory in the last few days could see an unusual picture. The delivery place full of vehicles, like last 2011. A healthy world ... what has changed in Trollhättan? The pleasing picture is deceptive. At the latest, if you look

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