Visiting Orio Germany

Visiting Orio (spoiler alert!)

Today I was visiting Orio Germany. A detailed article on the subject of Orio and Saab will follow in the coming days. And everyone who doesn't want to know what positive things are coming from Eschborn very quickly should now

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Saab Inside number 4

Saab Inside magazine - number 4

Today the new Saab Inside magazine arrived on the blog by post. Edition number 4 of the Saab Service Club is the most beautiful edition so far, in my opinion. The printed version is not available for purchase - it is a small one

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Saab Inside issue number 4

Saab Inside - number 4

The fourth edition of Saab Inside went online today. The current issue is more Saab than ever and was filled with reading pleasure with the cooperation of readers and Saab friends. Already the cover picture - in Eschborn it was a 4-9

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The new Saab Inside is here!

A nice thing if you are a member of the Saab Service Club! Yesterday, the new edition of Saab Inside came by email. The third edition of the customer magazine of Orio Deutschland GmbH brings again a lot of Saab Lesespass.

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Saab Inside Magazine - Print edition

Some time ago, the chairmen of the Saab clubs and the authors of the German Saab blogs found a surprise in their mailbox. For the first edition of “Saab Inside”, the customer magazine of Orio Deutschland GmbH, there was a limited print edition.

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