Saab 9-5, 1997. The original. Photo: Saab Automobile AB

Senova Offspace. Or the eternal life of the 9-5.

If memories are not deceptive, then it was 1992 when Saab engineers in Trollhättan began work on the successor to the fabulous Saab 9000. That was 25 years ago! The Saab 9-5 premiered in 1997, and since

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SAAB DNA… reload

Saab DNA is distributed all over the world. A startup started with Saab know-how and experienced a crash. Another committed a Saab designer and wants to make a big start now. And old Saab DNA gets a third facelift in China.

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Senova D70 Cup ex Saab 9-5

A few days ago, BAIC launched the launch of the Senova D60, the China version of the Saab 9-3. Externally, the D60 has nothing to do with the original, even under the plate has been heavily modified.

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