Senova D70 Concept 2017. Photo Credit: Granstudio

Saab in China. Bye Senova - ShēnBǎo!

There was a time when Saab drivers looked on China with envy. It's already 10 years ago, because 2009 acquired BAIC tools and rights to the old 9-5 and 9-3. Under the brand name Senova and previously from Saab in

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Saab 9-5, 1997. The original. Photo: Saab Automobile AB

Senova Offspace. Or the eternal life of the 9-5.

If memories are not deceptive, then it was 1992 when Saab engineers in Trollhättan began work on the successor to the fabulous Saab 9000. That was 25 years ago! The Saab 9-5 premiered in 1997, and since

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BAIC EH400. Electric car on Saab 9-5 base. Photo Credit:

Electrifying Saab heritage and future

It was a short press release last Friday. NEVS seals entry to New Long Ma, becoming a manufacturer of electric vans and microvans. The knot seems to have burst, NEVS and Trollhättan are paving the way for an electric future.

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Borgward BX7

The Borgward Saab story

Some myths disenchant themselves ... and then you regret knowing the background. Because the story was actually too beautiful. The Borgward Reborn Story will be one of them. It's easy to tell, but you still hold your breath

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Crash pilots

The day was exciting. If NEVS had been waiting for a court to be waved, then they were wrong. A believer makes a massive front against the extension of the reconstruction. The court adjourned, the decision is expected at the earliest tomorrow.

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Happiness & unhappiness

Chinese owners, identical platform, no matching engine. Two companies, a basically comparable starting point. While under NEVS direction only a renewed infusion of the 9 3 sedan was enough, BAIC is burning a novelty firework.

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Senova D70 Cup ex Saab 9-5

A few days ago, BAIC launched the launch of the Senova D60, the China version of the Saab 9-3. Externally, the D60 has nothing to do with the original, even under the plate has been heavily modified.

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SAAB News. Plagiarism.

Plagiarism: A plagiarism (via French plagiarism "thief of intellectual property" from Latin plagiārius "seller of souls, robber of human beings" [1]) is the presumption of foreign intellectual achievements. Let's talk about BAIC and let's talk about the Saab history. The Chinese build the “Shen Bao Series” based on the old Saab 9-5. Shenbao is an old name for Saab in the Chinese market.

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