Winter camping? No problem with a Saab. Photo by Thorsten.

Saab & snow. Choosing the 5 most popular photos.

Our readers had the choice, and they have decided! The most popular Saab winter photo comes from Thorsten. His Saab 900 with the Toppola Camper is by far the favorite. On rank 2 follows with the 2-stroke of Christoph another

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Saab 9-3x in the forest. Picture of Thomas

Saab & snow. Photo competition final (2/2)

It is remarkable how many Saab rarities are traveling in winter. When was the last time we saw a Saab on the street apart from our own? My last Saab sighting is days ago. To have a special taste sometimes

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Saab 9-3 X by Simon on the Gubel in the canton of Zug

Saab & snow. More pictures!

Are Saab drivers snow savvy? After all, the cars come from the land of snow and ice. And a Saab was designed to work reliably where other brands give up. Our readers also seem to be enthusiastic about snow

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Where does an 9-5 NG feel good? Picture of Eduard.

Saab & snow. First Saab pictures!

Our winter Saab photo competition runs until the end of the month. The first photos landed in my mailbox and I'm thrilled! Because so subliminally was the question in the background, how cool the Saab drivers actually are?

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Saab & snow. A Saab 9-3 prototype drives here. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive

Photo competition. Saab & snow.

Winter has now also arrived in the plains and ensures equal opportunities. While the mountain regions have had a lot of snow so far, the lowlands have been left almost empty. That has changed, and it's time to join our Saab &

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TCS system in the Saab 9000

Saab Film Archive. TCS in the Saab 9000 CC Turbo.

At the end of the week, a deep grip on the Saab film archive. Saab 9000 CC Turbo without TCS, versus CC with TCS system. Saab tests traction control on snowy, wintry roads. And makes the turbo needle shake ...

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... waited for the participants.

Histo Monte 2017. Day 3 through snow and ice.

On the third day of the Histo Monte, the route took the participants over high mountain passes, snow, ice and fog to the Mediterranean Sea. A tour of contrasts that demanded a lot from the drivers and their classic vehicles.

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