Evergrande Auto will start production in the fourth quarter

More than a dozen cars are in the pipeline. Modern factories for the production of components or electric cars are completed or under construction. The start of production and market entry are getting closer and closer. And they are not only found in China

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View into the Trollhättan factory - Saab were built here

Automobile production in Trollhättan is getting closer

Will there be cars from Trollhättan again soon? Automobile production is getting closer, claims Thomas Hausch, COO of Sono Motors. Without giving a specific date, of course, but now everything should go very quickly. As good as that sounds, it leaves a whole lot

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The Sion in the former Saab factory in Trollhättan. Image: Sono Motors

Torsten Kiedel joins Sono Motors as CFO

The Munich start-up strengthens its management skills. With Torsten Kiedel, Sono Motors has gained a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) with experience in financing start-up projects. The Munich mobility provider is in a crucial phase of corporate development. The construction

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50 million crowdfunding campaign

Sono Motors successfully completes crowdfunding campaign

The time had come on Saturday evening. The Munich start-up's crowdfunding campaign reached the € 50 million target. By the end of the campaign yesterday, it was as much as € 53.271.798,00. Now it is important that the supporters make their commitments

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View of the former Saab plant. The Sion is to be built here.

Sono Motors clears the € 40 million hurdle

Sono Motors' crowdfunding project has overcome the psychologically extremely important hurdle of more than € 40 million. Early yesterday evening, the start-up surprisingly reported more than € 44 million in committed funds. A jump of 10 million

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The Sion when camping. Picture: Sono Motors

Sono Motors extends crowdfunding campaign

Are there still chances that the Sion will be built in Trollhättan? After the bad news in December there is now a new glimmer of hope. Because the community voted to extend the crowdfunding campaign until January 20th. And the

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Sion from Sono Motors. Picture: Sono Motors

32 million crowdfunding and a community vote

The new year begins with uncertainties for Sono Motors. It remains uncertain whether the Sion can be built in Trollhättan. With a sensational crowdfunding campaign, the company wanted to raise € 50 million by December 30, 12. It became the deadline

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Sono Motors and Sion prototype

When subsidies threaten innovation

The traffic turnaround. Much is being written and talked about. It carries social explosives and if the federal government has its way, then it should finally pick up speed in 2020. The purchase premium for an electric car is increasing so that citizens can also develop a desire for it

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The crisis at Sono Motors has affected the construction of the Sion in Trollhättan

Sion and the effects on Trollhättan

In Munich the signs are pointing to a storm! The founders of Sono Motors change their strategy, seek solidarity with the community and try to save funding and independence. That affects their schedule. And of course on Trollhättan too.

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The Sion in the former Saab factory in Trollhättan. Image: Sono Motors

The fight for the Sion and Sono Motors

Actually, another article should have appeared here today. However, real life sometimes overrides my planning. And even if the link from Sono Motors to the blog actually alone the production site Trollhättan and secondarily the idea of ​​sustainable

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The freedom of reduction. An 10 "display controls all central functions Picture: Sono Motors

Sion interior design. The freedom of reduction.

Sono Motors today unveils the interior design of the Sion. So far, the Munich startup is striking above all by concentrating on the essentials. Utility and the reduction of the design are in the foreground. With some tension, the question arises, whether

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Sion prototype interior. Would you drive a sion? Image: Sono Motors

Electric car. Would you drive a sion?

Without the production site in Trollhättan, I would not have noticed the Sion project. After a visit to Sono Motors and articles about the electric car, it leads to a crucial question. Would you drive a Sion? The answer should be one

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Sono Motors in Munich. In the foreground the Sion, company logo at the back building

Sono Motors the company - we experience sustainability

A gray, unadorned industrial building in the north of Munich. Probably built sometime in the 70 years. Insignificant, by no means representative, and not at all suitable for the glamor of the state capital. Apart from Sono Motors, other companies have rented space. Several bicycles are parked in the yard

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The Sion, as he should go into production. Photo Credit: Sono Motors

Back to the future on the way to Sono Motors

A Tuesday morning in July. The traffic on the A9 in the direction of Munich is getting slower. I'm on my way to Sono Motors. The electric car startup has moved into its new headquarters in the north of the state capital, and I'm really excited to see what

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So the Sion should go into series. Image: Sono Motors

Form follows function. Sion in series design.

Since the Sion from the 2. Half year 2020 to be built at the Göta Älv, he has of course aroused my interest. An appointment of Mark and me in Munich is due in June, because we would like to get to know Sono Motors better. While

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