SAAB blogger on vacation - review of Saab events 1/2

We are waiting for “breaking news” on the Saab file, but this Saab news should come in September. Meanwhile, my vacation (without Saab blog but with Saab) is history and the Saab withdrawal without side effects. After 14 days without a blog there is one

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  Was that a weekend !! Saabs - loads of Saabs. All over. The whole city of Spa was full of it. Such a Saab density is what one would wish for in Germany. Loads of Saab drivers, Saab enthusiasts and Tom &

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SAAB News: International Saab in Spa

OK. It is so far. In a few days the International Saab meeting 2012 starts in Spa. For the Saab event of the year, the organizers have written a recent circular mail.

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Saab Events: Saab Meeting Frankfurt and International Saab

The registration deadline for the Saab International Meeting in Spa expires in May. So far 260 vehicles are registered! Spa will be the Saab event of the year! Saab celebrities and Saab legends like Erik Carlsson and Stig Blomqvist will be present. Out

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SAAB Event of the Year: International Saab Club Meeting

For 2012 actually two events would be on the plan. On the one hand the Saab Festival in Trollhättan, which takes place every 2 years. Whether there will be such an event in Sweden is open. The other important event is sure to take place.

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