Saab workshops and spare parts supply in Corona times

Corona has a huge impact on the economy. What about Saab workshops and the supply of spare parts during these times? Everything works, how stable is the system? Saab companies should actually be tried and tested in a crisis. No reason to worry?

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My Saab visiting Skandix AG

The Saab spare parts from the Harz

My journey takes me over a small, avenue-lined country road towards Lutter am Barenberge. My knowledge about Skandix AG is rudimentary and I am excited to see what to expect. Skandix is ​​a supplier for Saab and Volvo spare parts, and a bit

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Orio half-year figures. Orio wants to risk more Saab. Photo: Orio AB

Half-year figures. Orio wants to risk more Saab.

Orio AB, supplier of Saab original spare parts, publishes its half-year figures. In the first 6 months, net sales decreased by 18%. Not all business areas and markets developed uniformly. So it is advisable to take a closer look. One thing is certain: up

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Saab 9-5 Aero

Enough is enough. But when? Continuation.

Many of our readers have been connected to the blog for a long time. Matthias from Switzerland had 2017 published an unvarnished article about his Saab passion. Meanwhile, he seems to have reached a pain threshold, because we received another, alarming, in April

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Porsche and Saab 96 at the Espresso Rally. Image: Robert Wagenheimer

A billion dollar deal is stopped

An overview of the current Saab news in brief. Saab Team Wagenheimer continues rallying and expanding. And also the Orio Germany boss reaches into the steering wheel. Skandix completes the offer with more classic parts, and a billion dollar deal is stopped.

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The darn 10. year

It was 2008 when Saab was able to sell larger numbers for the last time. Then the first bankruptcy followed with subsequent reconstruction. A low blow from which the brand was never really able to recover - and which took the long way to

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Saab 900 on the 3. Hamburger Saab meeting.

Spare parts for Saab classics newly produced

Saab is a small brand and there have been concerns about spare parts supply in the past. For our everyday cars they were unfounded, Orio is still doing a good job. And there is movement in the market for the classics too.

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Anna project in January 2018

Saab 9000. Driving dynamics or dromedary?

It's autumn now. The Anna Project has a workshop appointment in Frankfurt, the air conditioner licks, which was not so pleasant in summer temperatures. Now also the dampers are exchanged, and at the pickup I'm curious like a little boy,

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High quality pictures, high quality print.

2018. Start of a new Saab year.

The year 2018 was still very fresh, but it didn't get off to a good start. The check engine light on the 9-5 of a good friend answered. Again and actually a constant since he owned the Saab. It started with a broken cable, the

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Saab AB branch in the United Arab Emirates

Short message. Investments, Fake News, Actions.

Welcome to the last Saab short news 2017. The year ends with positive news, at least almost. Because a company falls out of the ordinary, and a suspicion has been confirmed. There is talk of a repeat offender.

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Saab loyalty book

Saab loyalty book action of Orio Germany

For some actions of Orio Germany, the supplier of Saab original spare parts, the blog crew is closely involved. We are invited to participate in Saab Inside, which has so far appeared 2 once a year, and we receive information during the spring and autumn campaigns

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Jan Philipp Schumacher and Projektaab Paul in front of the Taunus Tower

Paul visits Orio Deutschland GmbH

His inaugural visit was completed by our blog Project Paul in Eschborn. Because Orio Germany is responsible for the spare parts supply of our vehicles, the road inevitably led us in the direction of Eschborn.

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Saab factory in the fall 2011

Saab. 5 years later.

Exactly today, before 5 years, was probably the darkest day in the history of Saab. The first clues reached Mark and me shortly before 9 clock, a little later it was certainty. Victor Muller made his way to Vänersborg, 

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Paul in the workshop

How can we help?

The Paul story goes into the sequel. We have a list of spare parts, and at Saab Kiel the mechanics are ready for Paul. In addition, our 9-5 has an appointment with the painter. Since I get a call! Who is on

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3 x Saab 900, 1 x Saab 9000. Full workshop at Saab Service Frankfurt


The past few days have been about old cars. Not the everyday topic on the blog, actually our classic & youngtimer department is there for that. Old Saabs are passion for me. For other people they are daily business. Or

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