General speed limit on German motorways? The readers are divided.

General speed limit? Result of the vote.

Should there be a general speed limit on German autobahns? The question moves and it divides readers. We asked and started a vote. There was also the question of how high the possible speed limit should be. It was also interesting

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The Kaupensteig of the A3, there is something to tell here.

Speed ​​limit 120 on the highway? A self-experiment.

It's Saturday and I'm on my way to Bamberg. Around 160 kilometers and the opportunity to try it yourself. A speed limit of 120 km / h on German motorways is being discussed, and I'm already trying it out today. With a car that

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Should there be a general speed limit on German motorways?

Discussion - general speed limit on highways?

The discussion is as old as my driver's license. I had just bought it when I was driving my second car on the motorway towards Munich. Car number 1 had been in smoke and flames a few days earlier

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