Spyker C8 Laviolette LM85

Over again - Spyker NV went bankrupt

In the summer of last year there was suddenly hope. Surprisingly, Spyker seemed close to being reborn. Another life, again? In order to make happiness perfect, it was planned to build the noble manufactured goods in Germany. That seems now

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Saab 96 retro idea from Bo Zolland

How about some retro ideas for the Saab comeback

Victor Muller does. The former Saab CEO revitalizes Spyker. It's retro, like everything about the vehicles - apart from the probably outstanding performance. The interior design of the Aileron C8 pays homage to an era that is long past

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Spyker comeback with the C8 Preliator

Spyker is coming back and producing in Germany

Actually, I thought the topic was over. Spyker is history and Victor Muller is on the way to new ventures. One can be mistaken, and some makes of cars seem to have countless lives. Spyker is coming back and will resume production in 2021

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Spyker as Saab savior in the Museum 2010

Spyker - the creeping end of the Saab savior

Trollhättan in summer 2010. The festival is in full swing, Spyker sports cars are parked in the Saab Museum amid historical artefacts. Spyker is the Saab savior, but the extravagant vehicles look like foreign bodies. It is the time of big dreams, everything

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Long ago. Spyker 2010 at the Saab Museum Trollhättan

How is Victor Muller?

It's summer and it's hot. Actually too hot for writing. As usual, there is a threat of a medial summer hole in this season. And suddenly you remember things that you wanted to talk about for some time. The worried look sweeps

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Limited to a maximum of 100 units. Photo: Spyker

A party for Victor. And engines from Koenigsegg.

The question of why Saab always had a loyal following is not that easy to answer. One of the reasons will be that small communities tend to develop strong cohesion.

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Jan-Åke Jonsson and Saab 9-3. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Rearview mirror. Many questions to Jan Åke Jonsson.

Judicial appointments are the time of settlement. The opportunity to find answers to open questions. In Vänersborg there will be a lot of open questions starting in January. The last months of the Saab Automobile AB are being worked up. Chief Prosecutor Sahlgren brings via DN already

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Crosshairs in the HUD. Who dares to do that?

Independent Thinking - 5 Years After

The blog was still young when the press invitation from Saab to the Geneva Motor Show was published. It should be the last official presentation. The Saab Automobile AB had a tremendous list, which was not yet visible in this clarity. Today, 5 years

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The NEVS masterplan for SAAB

“The only thing that is different is everything” - that's the way I would summarize what happened when newly formed National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) acquired the main assets of SAAB Automobile AB in June 2012. A tiny company taking over

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Saab 9-5 & Spyker

SAAB. Past. Presence. Future?

Personally, I did not know the SAAB brand until I bought one myself. Unlike many other SAAB drivers, I do not come from a "SAAB dynasty", if anything, rather from a Peugeot family. My dad drove two Peugeot models in succession (305,

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US-spec Aero MY11 #165, US-spec Aero MY11 #2 and EU-spec MY12 Premium #5 in Stockholm

A real Saab. History, continued

With all the news on the current developments at NEVS, some past news about the past would almost go unnoticed. Spyker lost the appeal in a $ 3B law suit against

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Spyker auction at Troostwijk

Spyker in trouble?

Spyker is running again a Dutch thriller, or better said a drama. The search for new donors was not successful so far, the bond to build the new Spyker B6 also brought no solution.

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Economy. In the future and back to start.

The news of the last few days has been good, but we still need a great deal of patience until the first Saab new vehicles roll to the customers. Two economic news related to Saab's past and Saab's past blew through the press last week. It was about the National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS), the guarantor for the Saab future, and about Victor Muller. A name from the Saab past.

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Spyker B6 Venator in Geneva

Geneva Motor Show. The comeback Spyker B6 Venator

You can see it. The past few years have left their mark on Victor Muller, the Saab story has also claimed tribute from him. Nevertheless, he is back, and he is the surprise of this year's car showroom. The former Saab CEO celebrates world premiere with the Spyker B6 Venator.

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SAAB Day: Trollhättan, sports car study and Saab packages

In Trollhättan once again taken stock. The CEO of the innovation, Tore Helmersson, gave an interview on the subject of Saab to Swedish radio P4Väst two days ago. The Innovatum will be for a period of three, as part of Trollhättan's state aid package

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