Jan-Åke Jonsson and Saab 9-3. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Rearview mirror. Many questions to Jan Åke Jonsson.

Judicial appointments are the time of settlement. The opportunity to find answers to open questions. In Vänersborg there will be a lot of open questions starting in January. The last months of the Saab Automobile AB are being worked up. Chief Prosecutor Sahlgren brings via DN already

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Crosshairs in the HUD. Who dares to do that?

Independent Thinking - 5 Years After

The blog was still young when the press invitation from Saab to the Geneva Motor Show was published. It should be the last official presentation. The Saab Automobile AB had a tremendous list, which was not yet visible in this clarity. Today, 5 years

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Economy. In the future and back to start.

The news of the last few days has been good, but we still need a great deal of patience until the first Saab new vehicles roll to the customers. Two economic news related to Saab's past and Saab's past blew through the press last week. It was about the National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS), the guarantor for the Saab future, and about Victor Muller. A name from the Saab past.

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Spyker B6 Venator in Geneva

Geneva Motor Show. The comeback Spyker B6 Venator

You can see it. The past few years have left their mark on Victor Muller, the Saab story has also claimed tribute from him. Nevertheless, he is back, and he is the surprise of this year's car showroom. The former Saab CEO celebrates world premiere with the Spyker B6 Venator.

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SAAB Weekend: Action Winter Quarter and Spyker-Youngman

SAAB Weekend: Action Winter Quarter and Spyker-Youngman. Friend Achim and I were on the weekend in a spontaneous Winterquartier action. Of course in terms of Saab, more specifically in terms of Saab 9000. Details of our company, which led to such an unexpected result, I'll tell in the next few days on the blog.

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