Moss as air filter at the Sion. Photo Credit: Sono Motors

The Sion is the independence hardware

In the foyer of Sono Motors is a Sion. A true prototype that has earned its name. Built by hand, what you clearly see the body and the interior. Something like the original Saab, the museum in Sweden

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NEVS, the eternal startup.

The eternal startup and the German enemy

It was a deep winter. The Saab bankruptcy was still fresh. Mark and I met in the nightly Trollhättan with a well-known personality. Their name does not matter, we talked about the ongoing sales negotiations.

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Production at NEVS. Credit: TTELA

Cash injection for the electric car Startup NEVS.

There is news from the owners of the old Saab factory. After there had been first indications of liquidity shortages, the electric car Startup NEVS now receives another injection of cash from China.

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NEVS Trollhattan

NEVS is negotiating with new investors

NEVS is negotiating to get more investors on board. This message went out into the world last Friday via P4 Väst. It did not come as a surprise; the company has huge investments in store over the next few months.

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