How is the Saab stock developing? Some statistics!

Once a year, the Federal Motor Transport Authority publishes the current stock figures. My anxious gaze then goes to Flensburg, combined with the question of how we keep ourselves? The good part of the message: we brace ourselves! The bad part: A model loses

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Anna 2015

Happy Birthday! Finally 20 years!

Birthday, 20 years, finally ... On March 30th the time had come. The Saab 9000 Anna project and its midnight blue, still nameless relative turned 20. Together they rolled off the assembly line in Trollhättan on the same day, came to Germany, and then parted ways

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Above average in the Folksam Report 2017. Saab 9 5. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Folksam Report 2017. How safe is a Saab?

The insurance company Folksam publishes the ranking of the safest vehicles every year. A tradition since the year 1983 and particularly exciting for Saab drivers. Because their cars are getting older. Are you still sure?

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SAAB Weekend: Out and about, statistics and much more

Some Saab projects are not known to me and it is exciting to rediscover such stories. With Marco, I was on the trail of such a lost project and the story that is about to appear here is exciting. But today comes something Saab Talk. It's about a Saab 9-5 II sportswear for sale, a new Saab website and some statistics.

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