Hengchi 1 - Swedish development work is inside

NEVS present and future - more Chinese than ever

With the complete takeover by Evergrande, the situation of NEVS has changed. What are the specific effects? When will there be cars from the Stallbacka again and how much money has Evergrande invested in Trollhättan so far? Has the old one

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NEVS Sango project

Four questions for NEVS CEO Stefan Tilk

The media visibility of NEVS has been limited in recent months. It is difficult for outsiders to assess where the path under Evergrande will lead. The four questions that FKG, the Association of Swedish Auto Suppliers, asked Tilk provide an insight.

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NEVS 9-3 EV presentation in Tianjiin. Picture: NEVS

New year, new project. NEVS works on the D1.

Under the project code D1, work on a new project has begun at Stallbacka. It could become the crucial project for NEVS, which is at an early stage. In a paid article the local newspaper told CEO Tilk

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NEVS and DiDi agree on cooperation. Press picture: NEVS

NEVS and DiDi seal future cooperation

There are articles, the headline is already difficult. What happened yesterday in Trollhättan, and what impact will the events have on the old Saab factory? The attempt of a summary.

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NEVS CEO Bergman 2013

Mattias Bergman leaves NEVS

New bang at the electric car startup in the stablebacka. NEVS CEO Bergman leaves the company. According to press officer Östlund, it is the second prominent departure in a short time. Bergman is regarded as a study friend of NEVS founder Kai Johan Jiang and has been 2013 since September

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NEVS - National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB

Stefan Tilk appointed Vice Chairman of Nevs

Mr. Stefan Tilk has been appointed Vice Chairman of Nevs on an extraordinary general meeting. Mr. Tilk has spent over 20 years of international industrial experience in the automotive industry, both as a manager and as a member of the board in different

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NEVS exits reorganization

The district court in Vänersborg today approved NEVS 'earlier application to exit reorganization. 230 days have passed since the reorganization phase started back in August 2014 and the way should now be clear

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