Last chance for Saab artifacts

Last chance! Tell your Saab story!

Everything has an end once - including our Saab stories in 2019. August is just around the corner and the works holidays in Trollhättan would be over by the middle of the month. The 2020 model year would roll off the production line, at least it was

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Saab 9-5 NG

Saab and Bielefeld - two things that do not exist?

I am a passionate Saab driver from Bielefeld. These are already two properties that are of existential importance. On the one hand, I drive a car that in fact no longer exists, at least not brand new, and I come from one at the same time

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Junkyard impressions from Sweden.

Experiences of a junkyard junkie

Swedish junkyards have not only become interesting for the Saab freaks due to the recent compulsory burial of the new 9 5er prototypes. No, for over 30 years, these cemeteries, at least for a junkyard junkie like me, exert an irresistible appeal. Basically, I have been following so far

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