Saab 9000 CC - hibernation?

Dates February 2016

It is February. The Saab classics and youngtimers approved for seasonal registration sleep in the garages and halls. No reason not to indulge our Saab hobby anyway. Our Saab dates for the February 2016.

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Saab Roth Leinfelden

Video: Auto Roth GmbH Leinfelden

Auto Roth in Leinfelden near Stuttgart is a Saab partner with tradition. Saab has been a passion for 40 years; the flag with the griffin is held in the wind in the southwest. Regardless of whether it's a Saab youngtimer, classic or one of the current ones

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Borgward lives. Really.

Borgward lives

The summer slump is on its way, and this year it seems particularly extensive. Marcus and Manuela report daily from the IntSaab in Norway, and today I am daring a trip to another brand. Which is worth reading even if

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SAAB meeting: Meilenwerk Böblingen and Frankfurt

Also this month are meetings for the Saab community. On Friday, the 9. November 2012 meet the Saab friends from the Stuttgart region 19: 30 clock in the Böblinger house brewery Wichtel Graf-Zeppelin-Platz in Böblingen.

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Outside Saab Meeting - Stuttgart

The Outside Saab Meetings took place in over 40 countries around the world this weekend. A great statement for our brand. On Sunday, the Saab meeting took place in the southwest. With almost 100 Saabs probably the largest Outside Saab meeting

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