Strategic change at Volvo - less station wagon - more SUV

For people who are not so young anymore, the brand from Gothenburg is representative of the station wagon. You have a 240 or 850 in front of your eyes, one speaks of a Volvo. That could soon be a thing of the past. The brand is getting further and further away

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NNEV Quality System Basic Training Tianjin. Photo: NEVS

NEVS recruits employees in China.

Keeping an eye on developments at NEVS is becoming increasingly difficult. Public relations does not take place, press releases do not exist. In addition, activities are increasingly focused on China.

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Deformed sheet metal after a serious accident. Picture: T. Forner

At the wrong time in the wrong place. A SAAB does its job. Is the 9-7x a SAAB?

I'm not sure which headline to choose ?! But later. I drive since 1994 SAAB, which did not necessarily happen. Born in Leipzig, Mercedes was at trade fairs, but also BMW in my Volvo

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Geneva Motor Show. Newcomer Qoros.

The difficulty of establishing a new car brand

Do we remember qoros? The brand was featured on the blog several times in 2013. Former Saab employees, especially a former press officer, moved to China. An Israeli-Chinese consortium tried to build a new car brand with the help of deserving European veterans.

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NEVS CEO Bergman. Stockholm 9. May 2017

Two NEVS concept cars at CES Asia

The rumors of the last few days received a first official confirmation today. NEVS will be present at CES Asia, the 7. June in Shanghai opens its doors to present two concept cars. This was announced by NEVS CEO Mattias Bergman via Sverigesradio P4

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Under construction?

New NEVS 9-3 EV. First facts.

Yesterday the first photos of the new NEVS 9-3 EV went around the world. Car News China showed photos; the response was considerable. The Saab world is interested in what happens in Trollhättan. Unfortunately, the first photos shown were a fake.

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The typical Senova Grill is said to be reminiscent of Saab

BAIC X55. The compact SUV from China.

On the drive to Schwallungen, Indimo's import warehouse, I wasn't sure what to expect. Now it stands in front of me, the BAIC X55. And I'm disappointed - at least a bit, because the SUV doesn't look at all

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Borgward lives. Really.

Borgward lives

The summer slump is on its way, and this year it seems particularly extensive. Marcus and Manuela report daily from the IntSaab in Norway, and today I am daring a trip to another brand. Which is worth reading even if

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Carl Peter Forster talks about Saab

Carl Peter Forster is today the chief consultant of the Geely Group, which also includes Volvo. From 2005 to 2009, he served as President of Saab Automobile AB and General Manager of GM Europe. He talked to Svenska Dagbladet for the first time

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