Talladega Long Run 1996 # 6 Replica Edition (1998)

Saab 900 2.0i # 6 Replica Edition - Talladega Long Run

We are few, but we have managed to gather a good number of fans committed to SAAB in the south of Spain (Andalusia) around a small local SAAB Club. THE SACA. For a few months now, one of them, Josà ©

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Saab 9000. This is what my very first Saab looked like.

The Saab 9000 saga

Do you still remember your first Saab? My first car from Trollhättan was a Saab 900S, but the very first Saab of my life was an 9000. A factory-fresh 9000 CS I was allowed to hire 1992 for a few weeks as a rental car, 

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Talladega Long Run. The sticker for the anniversary

Talladega Long Run 30 år Jubileum

Hard to imagine actually! FIA officials at a small car manufacturer take 3 randomly selected vehicles of a completely newly developed type off the production line. Then they are chased 100.000 kilometers day and night at high speed over a racetrack. Not

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