Timelessly beautiful design, typical Saab lines. Photo: Gerd

A Talladega for the anniversary

Actually, the 9000CS (Joe) should be the last one that we adopted - it is no longer easy to buy a SAAB today. Three are actually enough to continue driving SAAB for many years to come. Sometimes it happens differently.

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Waring box in the Talladega exhibition

Talladega exhibition. World record vehicles.

The driver's seat is beyond the series. It is covered with Edelvelours in iconic Bokhara red, in the seat is the receptacle for a three-point belt. There is no radio and no air conditioning on board. In addition, someone has an adhesive with

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At the lower lock of the Håverud trough bridge

The 9000 or there and back

The Hessian home has us again. The 9000 has finished the holiday in Sweden and its own little long run after 3.460 kilometers. The rest of the days in Sweden had it again.

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You have reached your destination. The 9000 in Trollhättan

The 9000 and our journey through Östra Götaland were and are under a good star. The SAAB, the passenger and the driver arrived in Trollhättan yesterday, relaxed and good.

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Saab Talladega number 3. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Weekly Review. Talladega celebration. Ausgeträumt. Copy deadline.

Today, 30 years ago, on 7. October 1986, Alabama launched the legendary Talladega Long Run of Saab. Of course, this must be appreciated. The Saab Museum in Trollhättan, the capital of all fans, invites you from 11.00 to 16.00 on Saturday

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Saaby craziness. Talladega Edition.

Saab Talladega Edition

During the 2016 summer break, we came up with the idea for an extra large serving of Saab Talladega. Why? Because, with a distance of 30 years, the events in Alabama seem particularly brave and freaky.

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9k Talladega Number 2 at the Saab Bil Museum

1986 - 2016 Glory Days at Sweet Home Alabama

Those of you who, in addition to the passion of SAAB, also know another passion, namely for good music, which hides under the title of two song titles that go well with my SAAB story.

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Saab Talladega Turbo Edition license plate holder

Saab license plate holder. Talladega Turbo Edition.

In October we celebrate 30 years Talladega Long Run. A great historical event and an important date in the development history of turbo engines. And because we write about Saab every day, talk and drive the cars, we always have Saab ideas.

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