My old combustion engine - when will you switch to an electric car?

Car calls - when will you switch to an electric car?

Now it is back, the time of car conversations. Unlike 2011, when everything revolved around the dying Saab brand. Now it's about the electric car. The environmental bonus beckons in the background, and suddenly people are interested in cars,

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Hengchi brand world as it should be created in the metropolises

Evergrande Hengchi is building its own sales network

The enormous upheaval in the automotive industry can be seen in the sales networks. Savings in sales, taking the contact with the customer into your own hands, is considered the future. The potential for savings seems enormous, with a higher margin. That applies to them

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Touchscreen in the car. EV prototype from Human Horizons, series planned for 2021

Touchscreen in the car. Accident risk and fashion trend.

A few days ago an interesting verdict found its way through the media. A Tesla driver came off the road while tapping his touchscreen and collided with several trees. The mirror reported about it. The court saw the serving of the

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The dream cars of the Swedes. Who is at the forefront.

Once a year, YouGov, on behalf of the Blocket platform, polls Swedish consumers about their dream cars. The result is of interest. Especially if you understand the development of individual car brands over the past few years. Who did everything right, who

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Tesla Roadster 2020. Picture: Tesla

Electric supercar from Trollhättan?

January was a year in itself. There were more interesting news in a few days than in the last years together from the old Saab factory in Trollhättan. It's like tearing open windows, letting spring air in and the

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Impressions from the IntSaab 2012 in Spa

Briefly noted. Tesla. Deer performance. IntSaab.

In recent days, a number of short messages have accumulated. Our overview, across the Saab world, begins with the International Saab Meeting, which will take place in Dinslaken this year.

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Saab plant Trollhättan. Production of the Saab 9-3. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Tesla production in the Saab plant in the future?

The car industry is changing, many things are possible. The fact that Tesla is looking for a European site for a complete production is well known. In addition to locations in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Portugal, Trollhättan is also in discussion -

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Warehouse clearance at Wedde

Weekly Review. Tesla hack. Saab 900. Exit Saxony.

In today's weekly review we digress briefly from the actual Saab topic, because this week was an interesting topic beyond our mark. The Chinese company Ken Security Lab has managed to hack the Model S completely. No specific

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Model 3 Sketches. Elon Musk via Twitter

Speed ​​and rock'n roll

Tesla has an extreme presence in the media and this is not one of the usual articles about Elon Musk and Model 3. It's about the clash between two cultures and the end of the auto industry, as we knew it before.

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Nice cars, but no suspense

We are looking for a suspense sheet

The suspense - Bloggers are always on the hunt for it. An exciting topic is electric cars. Even if you do not rely on electric mobility, development has potential. All over the world, new ideas, companies and products are born.

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Geneva Motor Show 2015

Mark and I broke with a tradition this year and did not travel to Geneva. Why? Perhaps because the heart still beats Saab and because the hope for a resurgence of the brand is less than ever. The

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No electric car boom in Beijing

So far, the demand for electric cars in Germany is restrained. A (still) lacking infrastructure and a lack of political will leave their mark. Very slowly, the situation seems to change, but the emphasis is on "slow".

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Rearview mirror. No question of the money!

What made the Geneva Motor Show so interesting for us? There's the thing with the electric cars. A market segment that wants to occupy Saab 2.0 in spring 2014. And there's the exciting story of what comes out when Chinese and Europeans come together

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