Saab 900 stolen in Hamburg.

Saab 900 Turbo Cabriolet stolen in Hamburg

In Hamburg-Altona a black Saab 18.11.2017 Cabriolet was stolen on Saturday the 130 in Thadenstrasse 900. The theft took place between 16: 30 clock and 19: 00 clock. We urge the Saab community to help you find the

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SAAB community. Stolen Saab surfaced.

Some things are incredible. Almost exactly a month ago we reported about a Saab 900 stolen in Leipzig. It was not the first theft of a classic Saab, last year three cult Swedes disappeared without a trace. This time around, the community responded quickly and within a few hours, it was featured on all forums and blogs in the Czech Republic, Scandinavia, Italy, Holland, Poland and SU.

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SAAB community. Saab 900 theft in Leipzig.

A call for help arrives from Leipzig ... maybe someone from our readership can help! Last year, three classic Saab 900s, including a convertible and a full turbo, were stolen in the Saxon metropolis. Another Saab 900 Turbo 16 S was stolen today in the south of Leipzig.

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