Saab 9-5 NG on the test track in front of the Saab factory. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive

SAAB dates December 2017

The last Saab organizer for the year 2017 goes online today. But planning for 2018 is already under way, and next year will be packed with exciting meetings and appointments. The Saab community remains active, the brand is alive!

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Saab 9-3 deer performance in front of the Messeturm Frankfurt / Main. Image: Saab Automobile AB

SAAB dates September 2017

There are already some dates in the calendar for September 2017 and there are sure to be more !!! The autumn trip of the Saab friends Saxony is for the 17.09. planned and on 24.09. start the Thuringians. Our Saab appointment calendar receives regular updates. You can

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Exit the Saab friends Saxony. Paul was there. Picture: SFS

Spring departure of the Saab-friends-Saxons

Was it a spring trip or a Pentecost meeting? Ok, it was late spring, and it was at Pentecost, so we call it Pentecost. What we should remember for the end of this report. 

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2. Hamburger Saab meeting. Photo Credit: Oli

2. Hamburger Saab meeting. A review.

Unfortunately I was able to 2. May not be in Hamburg as planned. The decision between the Saab reopening in Bamberg and the 2. Hamburg Saab meeting was canceled against the event in the north.

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Saab 9-5, the optimal travel combination. Image: Saab Automobile AB

SAAB dates July 2017

Summer time is travel time. How good that Saab always had decidedly long-distance vehicles on offer. Also in July, Saab Stammtisch will take place, the cult around the brand is unbroken. And there are more and more. Some of our readers think intensively about start-ups.

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Modern, spacious, with plenty of space for restorations.

Saab reopening Bamberg. Saab meeting Hamburg.

There are two SAAB events next weekend where you can always meet nice people! In the south, Ralf Muckelbauer opens his new car dealership, and in Hamburg the 2nd Hamburg Saab meeting at the old-timer gas station Brandshof is on the calendar.

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Saab 9x Air Concept. Image: Saab Automobile AB

SAAB dates June 2017

The blog team is in a state of emergency and is working to pack packages with guaranteed saabigem content and to send. While our Fan Shop lives through its last days, and Tom hardly comes to write, I take the chance for our

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Saab 9-3 SC Picture: Saab Automobile AB

SAAB dates March 2017

March is the first month for cars with season marks. Some Saabs come back on the road, the days are getting noticeably longer, everything is getting better. Not many meetings are yet to take place, the months of April and May are more

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Saab Ice Experience. Image: Saab Automobile AB

SAAB dates January 2017

  The cold, darkness and snow will not keep us from our Saab enthusiasm in January. A Saab is a Nordic car and it is clear who invented the seat heating and the headlight washer. Even more winter fun than in one

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Saab Sonnet I

Saab dates December 2016

While Tom's keyboard is glowing, he writes about the articles about our week in Sweden, here comes the last date preview for this year. Also in December there are Saab dates and our passion for the brand is as usual

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View into our Saab hall. Everything Saab. Guaranteed.

Saab dates November 2016

In November, many classics and youngtimers are already in halls and garages. It is the “screwdriver time” where things are done that have been postponed over the year. This is not the case for all Saabs, the Saab 9000 blog, known as that

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Autumn exit Saxony 2015

Saab dates October 2016

At the beginning of the month, as always, there is our schedule preview. It is already noticeably quieter in October, the big meetings this year are over. The many round tables give opportunity on Saab Talk, the calendar gets a regular update.

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Impressions Troll Rally 2016

Saab dates September 2016

Here comes the Saab diary for the month of September. As always, the organizer is constantly updated, additional Saab appointments can be added. It pays to regularly check our 3 monthly preview on the blog!

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1. Hamburg Saab meeting, Brandshof.

Saab weekend in Hamburg

It is sunny, dry, best turbo weather. The highway north is heavily frequented and prevents the Aero from flying. So it goes with switched on, definitely not adaptive cruise control with constant 140 km / h in the direction of Hanseatic city. The Saab runs velvety

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Pilots wanted 2016. International Saab 9-5 NG meeting in Kiel.

Dates June 2016

In June, the Saab deadlines, and especially in the first days of the month, it is tight. Tom and I will be in Kiel. Pilots wanted 2016, the international Saab 9-5 NG meeting, hosted by Saab Zentrum Kiel

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