View into the Trollhättan factory - Saab were built here

Automobile production in Trollhättan is getting closer

Will there be cars from Trollhättan again soon? Automobile production is getting closer, claims Thomas Hausch, COO of Sono Motors. Without giving a specific date, of course, but now everything should go very quickly. As good as that sounds, it leaves a whole lot

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Hengchi 1 - Swedish development work is inside

NEVS present and future - more Chinese than ever

With the complete takeover by Evergrande, the situation of NEVS has changed. What are the specific effects? When will there be cars from the Stallbacka again and how much money has Evergrande invested in Trollhättan so far? Has the old one

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Welcome to Saab!

A trip to Trollhättan. How was it 10 years ago?

We were on the ferry to Denmark shortly before 5 o'clock, on the ferry to Sweden shortly before 8. We had Swedish soil at 8.20 am. And then the journey continued. Always north, to Trollhättan. Had started

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Production in Trollhättan? A yes but ...

Production in Trollhättan? A fine adjustment of the words.

The last few days have been interesting! The NEVS founder leaves, the real estate giant Evergrande takes over at Göta Älv. At the same time, the first new product has been shown since 2011. A self-driving robot taxi, the idea of ​​which may receive little attention. Busy

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Trollhättan 2010. Drama 10 years ago.

Large and small dramas in the automotive industry. How forgetful we are.

About a year ago I published an article here entitled “Automotive Industry. The perfect storm is coming ”. Looking back, I was wrong. Corona had nobody on their radar in summer 2019. No storm is approaching, but a big one

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The Sion when camping. Picture: Sono Motors

Sono Motors extends crowdfunding campaign

Are there still chances that the Sion will be built in Trollhättan? After the bad news in December there is now a new glimmer of hope. Because the community voted to extend the crowdfunding campaign until January 20th. And the

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On the way in Saab city Trollhättan

Hiring and job cuts in Trollhättan

The changes in the auto industry are happening at breathtaking speed. The old Saab site in Trollhättan is a kind of open-air laboratory where you can study the upheavals well. Because what 2011 was still in demand is of no interest today. For dominate completely

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The crisis at Sono Motors has affected the construction of the Sion in Trollhättan

Sion and the effects on Trollhättan

In Munich the signs are pointing to a storm! The founders of Sono Motors change their strategy, seek solidarity with the community and try to save funding and independence. That affects their schedule. And of course on Trollhättan too.

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The 900. Old, but tough.

Saab Festival Part 4: Dark clouds over Trollhättan.

The rain has the festival grounds on this Sunday under control. The good mood is kept within limits, should the last festival day come to a close in the well-known parts market. So the weather clouds the mood and we start

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Saab Festival 2019 - Review Part 1: Approach to Trollhättan

It's been two months since the Saab Festival ended in Trollhättan. A rainy but still terrific weekend, which deserves a final report. High time to complete one of the most important Saab events in line with the blog!

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Sion prototype interior. Would you drive a sion? Image: Sono Motors

Electric car. Would you drive a sion?

Without the production site in Trollhättan, I would not have noticed the Sion project. After a visit to Sono Motors and articles about the electric car, it leads to a crucial question. Would you drive a Sion? The answer should be one

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Old times. Saab Aero X in the model workshop

Trollhättan. NEVS as an anti-cyclical job engine

Sweden is still in vacation mode. But the long summer break is coming to an end, and so it should be interesting in the Stallbacka. Prior to 7 years, NEVS moved into the Saab plant, since then the development was mixed at best. The

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Koenigsegg Jesko 2019 in Geneva. Picture: Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg starter model from 2020 from Trollhättan

Since NEVS took over an 20% share of Koenigsegg AB, the tension is increasing. A new entry-level model of the Swedish manufactory will be produced from 2020 in the former Saab factory. Smaller, more electrified and cheaper than the well-known sports cars from Ängelholm. In which

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VW ID3 Photo: Friso Gentsch / Volkswagen

Auto industry. The change is accelerating.

A new definition of mobility and alternative forms of propulsion. Digitization and revolution in manufacturing. Everything announced and by no means far away. On the contrary, we are already in the middle of it, and the upheaval is accelerating more and more. An example of how fundamental the upheavals can be

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The Saab Festival 2019 is calling!

SAAB dates June 2019

The event of the month is the festival in Trollhättan. It takes place every 2 years and Trollhättan is completely in the hands of international Saab fans on these days. This reminds us of the past times, as at Göta Älv

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