Koenigsegg Agera RS. Picture: Koenigsegg

A Saab book and what is Koenigsegg planning?

No sooner had the entry of Evergrande and the participation in Koenigsegg been announced, when in Trollhättan the previously hectic activity on the social media dried up. Since then, peace prevails in the usual tradition. The only noteworthy event of the last days seems the

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Evergrande - hope for Trollhättan?

Now they are dreaming again in Sweden. The hope for an automobile production in Trollhättan is reversed. Following the entry of Evergrande Health Industry Group Limited at NEVS, which is nothing more than a takeover. Evergrande now holds 51% of the shares and

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Autumn days in Trollhättan. Volvo V60 in front of the old Saab factory.

Autumn Sundays in Trollhättan

It is Sunday and quiet in the Stallbacka, the industrial area of ​​Trollhättan. The sun makes its way through the clouds, it draws a soft autumn light on the old halls of the former Saab factory. As if she wanted her slow

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Find the error: NEVS logo at the Saab factory. I probably never get used to it.

The Volvo parking of Trollhättan

Sweden is still in vacation mode until mid-August. This is tradition and was already like that in the old Saab times. This was called the factory vacation in the Stallbacka and a good opportunity to prepare production for the next model year. The times,

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NEVS Tianjin Factory. Credit: NEVS

NEVS builds another factory in Shanghai

In June NEVS will start building another car factory in China. The contracts for this have been signed, and after Trollhättan and Tianjin it would be the electric car startup's third plant. One could dismiss this message as not that important. But

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Trollhättan, old Saab factory April 2018.

Sango comes after the end of D1

Anyone who passed the old Saab factory in the last few days could see an unusual picture. The delivery area full of vehicles, as last in 2011. An ideal world ... what has changed in Trollhättan? The good picture is deceptive. At the latest when you are

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NEVS. Business in crisis.

NEVS reboot in Trollhättan?

Yesterday was exciting. In the morning, Sverigesradio published plans for another NEVS factory in Shanghai. A message that sounds strange considering that another factory in Tianjin is still not finished and that one

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NEVS Trollhattan

GSR Capital - new major investor in NEVS

GSR wants to invest 14 MUSD (about 500 BSEK) in NEVS on Wednesday, March 4, in presence of Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

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No future for Trollhättan?

Turning point in Trollhättan. For the first time since the arrival of NEVS at the old Saab factory, TTELA has expressed its negative opinion about the future of the site. For years, local journalists were on their way with optimism. And still at the turn of the year

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Saab Independence Day 2011. Image Saab Automobile AB / Archive Saabblog.net

Saab Independence Day. Independence 7 years later.

Trollhättan. It is the 23. February 2011. Since 11: 00 o'clock the small town on the Göta Älv celebrates the first Independence Day of the brand. The Saab 9-5 NG sports trolleybus has world premiere, the 9-3 Cabriolet Independence Day Edition makes damn much desire

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Automobile plant Trollhättan 2010. Long time ago, and maybe never again.

No good news from Trollhättan

The old Saab factory is always on my radar - even if it has been very quiet for weeks. Unfortunately there is no good news from Trollhättan. Circumstances did not change for the better in 2018 either. On the contrary, because it

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Short message. Dongfeng and Trollhättan fantasies.

One of the positive things in the Saab era is that Trollhättan was able to maintain its importance as an automotive location. Although there are no more vehicles running on the Göta Älv, but the city has become more international and interesting. With

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NEVS 9-3 EV presentation in Tianjiin. Picture: NEVS

New year, new project. NEVS works on the D1.

Under the project code D1, work on a new project has begun at Stallbacka. It could become the crucial project for NEVS, which is at an early stage. In a paid article the local newspaper told CEO Tilk

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NEVS Trollhattan

Rumors and Chinese standards

A rumor. And what one! On Friday it spread in the media at lightning speed. According to the content, NEVS would build cars again in Trollhättan - and that as early as the 2nd quarter of 2018. A story too good to be

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NEVS 9-3 electric car body shop in the old Saab factory. Photo Credit: SVT

An almost historic day in the old Saab factory.

Strange things have happened in Trollhättan in the last week. The television was on site, and both the local newspaper and SVT could read about a production start. The breakthrough for NEVS? Or what happened?

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