SAAB News. Bergman: Soon 500 employee at NEVS.

After his appointment as Managing Vice President, Mattias Bergman has spoken to the local newspaper on the future of Saab 2.0. NEVS now has 300 employees, including 150 workers. The number is growing steadily and is close to 350, and especially the number of "blue collars" has been rising since the summer break. In addition, there are 100 consultants in the company.

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SAAB weekend: SAAB hangar & press reviews from Sweden

January is not a good time for our car hobby. Too cold, too dark, and vehicles with seasonal license plates must not be moved anyway. Achim and I are behind schedule with our "Saab Hangar" project. In contrast to a public large-scale project in the Berlin-Brandenburg area, our delay in our completely privately financed project is limited to just two months.

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"GM behaved destructively"

The reports of Saab administrators - distributed on 50 pages - have brought no surprises. The problems with Saab in the years 2010 and 2011 are well-known. Too little liquidity, margins under pressure, too little sales in the key markets. The fact that the situation was difficult at the beginning of the year and that the bankruptcy petition should actually have been due sooner, there is agreement in Sweden.

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