NEVS and DiDi agree on cooperation. Press picture: NEVS

NEVS and DiDi seal future cooperation

There are articles, the headline is already difficult. What happened yesterday in Trollhättan, and what impact will the events have on the old Saab factory? The attempt of a summary.

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New-Long-Ma Mini bus, NEVS electric car. Picture: NEVS

Losses, liquidity worries, hardly any perspective.

Almost exactly a year ago, Mark and I visited the old Saab factory. They were very friendly to us, and we met impressive people with Saab's past. Still, by the end of the day, the mood was dim.

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NEVS. Business in crisis.

Liquidity crisis and problems at NEVS continue.

The Chinese electric car startup in the old Saab factory is still struggling with problems. The bottlenecks of liquidity continue, the entry of a new major shareholder is delayed. And the future in the stablebacka does not look rosy at the moment.

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NEVS 9-3X. Picture: NEVS

About rival Didi new major shareholder at NEVS?

There is a message from Trollhättan that may be too important to ignore. Because it could influence the future of the location. SverigesRadio reported on Monday about a possible entry of Didi, the Chinese version of Uber, into NEVS.

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