Inexpensive and carburetor instead of turbocharger

Get in with the entry-level model - the Saab 900c

Entry-level model, that sounds like sacrifice and privation. Sure, an entry-level model is cheap, stingy with amenities and is generally suspected of not being fun. This may be. Things change over the years. Then a frowned upon beginner can be interesting.

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SAAB: made in Belgium

The fact that the Stallbacka factory in Trollhättan has not been the only place where SAAB cars have been built. Valmet in Finland, Magna Steyr in Austria and the GM plans in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico

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Growler E - E Type Revival in Swedish

No, it's not a Saab that matters. Exceptionally. Because in Sweden, other things are worth mentioning. The Swedish company Vizualtech from Umea has a very own and successful reinterpretation of the legendary Jaguar

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