Sitges and a Saab Cabriolet - a dream place and a dream car

Many of us know a place that we like to return to again and again, or even dream of living there. I had the luck. During some vacations, I fell in love with the unique charm of the place, and I've lived on the edge for many years

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Saab 9-5 NG Vector 2.0T - hardly any kilometers and low price

The Sagrada Familia. The forever unfinished, the work of Antoni Gaudi. Almost everyone knows the name. The basilica is the hallmark of Barcelona. Very exciting. A construction site since 1882, and since construction is still in full swing there is

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Saab Aero in the spa

Saab story

As mentioned in my first story about my Saab life, I have been keeping my eyes open for a younger 9³ SC for some time. But many dubious and bad offers on the Internet brought me regularly from the thoughts

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