The Saab is the star

The SAAB 9000 turbo in the role of the vagabond

In mid-July 2019, the following message from a friend fluttered into my inbox: “My brother's life partner is looking for an older car for a music video production. If you are interested in renting your Saab for two days, I can give you your number ... ». It's hot

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Saab on the moon and Saab in the bag

You come into his office and then there is a large bag on the desk. Friend Achim brought them over, the vegetable motif is just camouflage. What looks like Edeka at first glance and where Edeka is written on it

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Relaxing - Saab 900 II Showroom Video

In the 90s, Saab Germany produced a whole range of short showroom videos. Sometimes they were quite creative and cut Swedish films into a compact format. Sometimes, and this is the surprise, there were in-house productions by the Germans

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7th international Saab meeting Luxembourg

7th International Saab Autumn Meeting in Luxembourg

The meeting is popular and a fixture on Saab's agenda. Even in times of Corona, the 11th international Saab took place in Luxembourg from September 13th to 7th. Of course, under strict hygiene rules and mostly behind one

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The young sporty savage - Saab 9-5 in the secret test

The young, sporty savage - Saab 9-5 in the secret test

It's August 1996. The development of the 9-5 is nearing its end. Somewhere in Sweden a member of the performance team is on his way to the secret base in his Saab 96. The last tests are pending. This is how a film begins

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Erik Carlsson and Saab at the Monte Carlo Rally

A Saab rally showroom video

In the 90s, Saab Germany published several videos for the showroom. One of them resurrects Saab's rally time. Erik Carlsson flies through Swedish forests in his Saab. He takes victory during the Monte Carlo Rally.

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200 milliseconds of your life. Accident research at Saab.

200 milliseconds of your life - accident research at Saab

What is time actually? What are 200 milliseconds and how important are they to your life? For your survival? This is the question asked by Saab's accident researchers in 1996. 200 milliseconds could be decisive. About life and death. And

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Sweden against Germany and Japan

Saab attacks. The spring offensive with Bob Sinclair.

Bob Sinclair! Younger readers will hardly associate anything with the name. The older ones get shining eyes. Bob Sinclair is a Saab legend. A personality who not only brought Saab to peak performance and best results in the US market. Busy,

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TCS system in the Saab 9000

Saab Film Archive. TCS in the Saab 9000 CC Turbo.

At the end of the week, a deep grip on the Saab film archive. Saab 9000 CC Turbo without TCS, versus CC with TCS system. Saab tests traction control on snowy, wintry roads. And makes the turbo needle shake ...

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Now they drive the Hamburg - Berlin Klassik. Picture: Gerd and Robert Wagenheimer

Briefly noted. Saab drives rally. Saab is fun.

Regular readers on the blog are sure to remember the Histo Monte 2017. The Saab 99 by Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer was on historic paths. The team was quite successful, had fun, and provided regular reports.

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Saab 900 II V6. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Saab 900 II. Sweden Promo 1993.

24 years ago, the world was still in order at Saab. Almost at least! After all, it was a time of hope and pride. A completely newly developed Saab 900 II rolled off the assembly lines, the ambitions were high.

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Teaser NEVS video

Teaser & Video Electric Car Concept from NEVS

This morning, a teaser was posted on the Facebook page of NEVS. Also on a page from China suddenly appeared on a video. That's even more interesting. And the question arises: What do we see there?

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Saab 900 production at the plant in Trollhättan

A look inside the plant. Saab 900 II production 1993.

We continue to digitize Saab's legacy and now have 15 “new” Saab videos ready to be uploaded. The films are mainly from the 80s and 90s, including many productions that Saab Germany commissioned

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Saab 900 Talladega Challenge 1996

The Saab 900 Talladega Challenge 1996

We had written a lot about the Talladega Long Run that year. Ten years later we have neglected the challenge. Before 10 will be history, we will quickly put a video about the Talladega Challenge on the blog.

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Minister Anna Johansson at NEVS

TV: View into the workshop

Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson visited Trollhättan on Friday. She visited GKN and NEVS. GKN is the largest employer of the municipality, NEVS the number two. Both locations are closely linked to historic aircraft construction and industrial history.

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