Saab 900 II. A six-cylinder in the middle class. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Saab and the six-cylinder. A VW VR6 for Sweden. (2)

Volkswagen in the 80s. Do you have compact V6 engines for transverse installation in the program? And do you want to sell them to an equally aspiring competitor? “Not really” will now be the answer. And that shows how wrong you can be

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Saab 9x, rear lights.

Saab success messages

NEVS is unusually active ... the start of a success story? It may be premature to form an opinion. The situation is clearer with our fundraising campaign. It's about funding my blog for the coming year, and it's an option

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Saab crisis: Chinese or VW - who gets into Saab

Is it pure speculation, out of thin air, the fixed idea of ​​the editor of a regional newspaper who - tired yesterday at 22 p.m. - published an article?

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